Due to the pressure that is generated in (public) speeches by more critical and attentive listeners, top executives start to act. Many get internal professionalization measures going. But therefore, special knowledge and experience is required, in order to have appropriate successes.

The measures that lead to successes in sports, work in industry too: Get the right coach for, during and after your speeches. Michael Mayr has the necessary skills and experiences.

In personal individual appointments we define how to configure your speeches fastest and how you present them most efficiently. We focus on your personality in particular. A main part in the coaching sessions is the question: "What speaker - type are you?". Your appearance in public is closely linked to that. It makes a difference whether you present your speech to management and supervisory boards and shareholders or an audience in the hundreds.

In addition, we will deal with the issue, that you easily find the right structure for your speech and matching words and apply it in your presentation. Depending on your personality and your style. Tailored like a handmade suit.

The coaching is particularly valuable because the findings will give you meaning and value. This allows you to continue and "coach yourself ".