Everyone knows book ghostwriting. Speech ghostwriting is comparable to that.

A day has 24 hours and a week has 10.080 minutes. Nevertheless, for some people it is difficult finding time for doing their tasks.

If one of these tasks is writing a strategic communication concept or a speech as well, one or the other might lack the precise words.

Therefore, take the opportunity that presents itself to you. Let Michael Mayr write your speech.
Created in your expression style and tailored to your personality. Concisely formulated at the interface to your audience.

The valuable advantage is that you invest your time into other important tasks. The success of your appearance, however, is entirely yours.

Ghostwriting in combination with an appearance coaching: There is every indication. Michael Mayr writes – you speak. You speak - Michael Mayr tapes a video of your speech. In a subsequent joint appointment, you can see your performance with your own eyes. It helps you identifying your stage presence, your movements and your connection with the audience.

Write here how you like this possibility!