As a man, so his speech.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

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    Not much has changed on this wisdom up today.
    Two thirds of people do not feel comfortable speaking in front of audiences.

    Michael Mayr passionately speaks to audiences. His calling is to speak in front of people. In individual meetings and seminars he passes this passion on to top executives: how an excellent speech should be configured and performed.

    Always at the center: his client’s personality.
    During his stays in Australia and the US, he also noted that the market prevails a strong demand: on strategy communication as well as country and cross-cultural strategy communication.

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    As entrepreneur, you know that only steadily working on issues is worth it. Because it is only then that you are successful and create value. You can rightly be proud of it. Michael Mayr supports you to embody this pride in your appearances and speeches. In individual appointments you get to know the How. For those who prefer seminars, those are offered as well. A third option you can choose from is Michael Mayr creating a tailor-made speech for you.

    Yet, always think of it:
    entrepreneurs take action!

    Michael Mayr