Workshops - Speech configuration

Corresponding to a journey, a speech starts with a first step too. In this case the step is "Configuration".

The horror of a blank, white sheet of paper or a Word document: Some people find it hard to put one's thoughts into the right words. All of the beginning is a challenge
Aller Anfang ist eine Herausforderung.

You are one out of a maximum of 8 participants. In the workshop we define the appropriate procedure for designing a speech that reflects your personality. The main goal is, that in future you are able to create your speeches in less time. In addition, you create the speeches concise and tailored to the target audience. At the same time you are able to improve prefabricated speeches qualitatively.

Through constant communication with the other participants you will hold a basic concept for your speech in your hands, respectively in your Word document, at the end of the workshop.

Because it is you who knows best what you want to say. Let us work on how you should say it. And how to get there.

The more you get involved and act, the greater the development. Your development is now up to your discretionary competence to act.