Workshops - Speech performance

The (expert) knowledge of the speech’s content is one issue. Another one is to speak goal and target audience oriented. Compare it to your time at the driving school. Theoretically, the interaction with gas, brake and clutch is functioning properly. In practice, it can be a challenge at the beginning.

It is all the same with speeches. Especially in front of any, perhaps even unknown, audience. You get to know how to present yourself excellently. Therefore this workshop focuses on how you make your speech and how you make your speech.

Through an analysis of your own appeal in a conversation, the basis for the development of professional reciting a speech is created.

The maximum number of 8 participants offers an ideal opportunity. In the circle of known and trusted people you perform your speech. And you learn from the other participants’ performances. Constructive feedback for each performance is part of this process. Video recordings will support this acknowledgement. This allows you to see your movements and presence. Both are main aspects for a successful speech.

It is equally essential that not speech and presentation templates are applied. Your personality and your everyday occurrence are involved. After all, it is your individualism that is one of the key elements for a successful speech.

Take the opportunity to elicit your next appearance in front of an audience with the appearance analysis